Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Free Online Tools To Check Backlinks
Without any doubt and debate content is king , But it is a ground reality that content is not enough to stay alive in search results . If you are a blogger and want to become a successful blogger then you will have to build quality back links . 
And link building is not an easy job , it may take more time than creating unique content . However , If you just have started link building and now are curious about your success then this article will help you to find out how much you have gained success . I am going to share you how to check backlinks for free using free online backlink checker .

Well , is a favorite online tool by SEO experts and internet marketers to the spying link building strategy of competitor’s website/blog , but it is a paid tool , but has very powerful features to check back links thoroughly .

Can’t afford its subscription , no need to be sad , there are still many useful free online tools available on the internet , through which you can check the backlinks of your own blog or someone else blog .


Webmeup. Com is a free backlink checker online tool . Through which you can research on your competitor’s website/blog or any blog with the number of backlinks , dofollow/nofollow tags details for free . does not allow to download excel report . You have only option to check backlinks online and the good thing is that there are no limitations . You can get more advanced features by spending some bucks . is another free online back link analyzer , but with some hurdles , First , you will have to encounter Captcha problem and it displays 5 back links per page and this drawback makes it like a headache . But since it is a free tool so this should be neglected . After it is a very useful free tool . 

Google Webmaster 

Google Webmaster is a great tool to check back links for free , but it has a big drawback , you only check/see your own blog/website’s back links . Google Webmaster doesn't supply any mechanism to do any kind of research on someone’s else blog or website's back links .

Majestic SEO

Yup! You are right , Majestic SEO is also a paid backlink checker tool . But Majestic SEO allows you to check backlinks to your own website/blog without any cost . Sign up and verify , your ownership by adding a special code into your blog/website . You can also download a detailed backlink report in excel format for free .

At The End , You should keep in mind while checking back links , no matter what software/service/online tool which you utilize, the amount is going to vary likely drastically; so while no-one service/software/online tool is not able to provide you all the backlinks of a blog/website unless you're checking your own . you can get excellent ideas of the breadth and depth of a blog/website's back links using above mentioned online free tools .

If you know about any free back link checker software and online tool then please do share with us using the comment section . Happy blogging and SEO journey . Good Luck .

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  1. I've been checking my website backlinks in a hard way but you've given me some great food for thought to improve the process of doing it.