Sunday, April 1, 2012

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A Meta tag is basically an HTML tag, whose job is to furnish data to search engines (SE) regarding the kind of information present on the webpage. The purpose of a Meta tag is to add information
and steer the SE spiders. Meta tags are an important tool to search engine optimize (SEO) a website. However, the magnitude of the role Meta tags
will play in improving the ranking of your website depends on the se you are targeting.
Since these tags play an important role in determining search engine rankings of your website, you should be very careful in selecting the appropriate keywords for Meta tags. It is important to use them in your title.
SEs go through the text body and the title of the content, and the information there is given more importance than any tag.
Thus, make sure that the body of your articles has relevant content.
A Meta tag has 3 different attributes all of which play an important role in determining the search engine ranking
of a webpage:

In This Tutorial I am Gonna Teach You....
How Add META TAGS to Your Weebly Blog/Website ?
Let s see How ...?
Just Follow Me...
Sign in Your Weebly Account
Click on " Edit " Tab
Click on " Settings " Tab
Next Windows Appear Like This
Click on "  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  "  Tab
Next Tab Appeare
Now Write Your Blog or Website Description
Next Write Your Targeted Keywords
Ok ....Hit Save ....Mission Complete...
How To Check???
Vist Your Site / Blog ( In Firfox )
Rigth Click & Click on " View Page Info  "
See Results

See Video Tutorial



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