Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the May of  2009,  Weebly.com(the free of charge web site and blog doamin plu hosting platform ) launched Google Checkout and also PayPal(popular online payment method) e-commerceis intergrated web template modules to aid customers within generating shopping carts on their own Weebly.com pages. Just like all of Weebly.com features,and elements  placing a shopping cart to your site or even blog is a simple matter of dragging and dropping the content module through the WYSIWYG interface.

OK..... Lets See How ???
Just Follow Me ....

Step-1-First sign in to the Weebly.com account.

Step-2-Click on " Edit " Button

Step-3-Click on the "Elements" tab " and after that click on  "Revenue."

Step-4-Pick out that  " Product Block " you desire to utilize to show off the products or items you're selling and type in the required and necessary information and details which includes title name , subject, picture  and a very importnat thing price.

Step-5-Choose  PayPal  or Google Checkout to get payment processing. Before you choose Google Check out, there's extra and additional  measures needed in order to connect your Weebly.com site with all the service (view Re sources).

Step-6-Do it again Step 3 for every product or service you want to sell. Your Weebly.com editor enables you to quickly and easily  customize the display and
position of shown products.

Step-7-Simply click "Publish" after you have create the shopping cart web page. Site visitors should be able to click on " Add to Shopping Cart" and also buy products shown in the web page utilizing your desired payment method.

Okey....Mission Complete...vist & See Result..


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