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Weebly is known as a blog and professional website builder enabling people to make web sites , blog plus online store and  , fourm and plus much more utilizing prebuilt free templates plus a draging and droping user friendly interface. Members will be able to upload pictures, make a free professional blog, generate income throughout income making widgets for example Google adsense, post video clip in addition to play sound. Also newcomer folks can easily develop look like professional  blog ,sites,fourmand fourm  by using Quite a few users might wish to upload Flash data files with their Weebly blog or sites. You possibly
can insert Flash file; having said that, due to the fact is HTML based, the opportunity really are small and limited .

Okey ....My respectfull readers ...Let s see How ?
Just follow me............

Step-1-Make an impartial  SWF( Shock wave Flash  ) file. SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  files add sound, video clip, textual content plus visuals. For that SWF( Shock wave Flash  ) file to try out upon Weebly, it should have the ability to run all alone not having the capability of some other files. To view in case a file is surely an independent SWF( Shock wave Flash  ) , move that in to the open up web browser and when that starts playing, that normally will continue to work along with Weebly.

Step-2-Logon in your Weebly account . 
Click on "Edit" tab. 

Click the "Elements" option towards the top of the  toolbar.

And after that press "Multimedia" at the left part in the toolbar. 

Through the accessible choices, click upon that "Flash" symbol 

And draging the symbol towards the spot that you desire a SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  to try out. A new box should open up assisting you that will click on to upload a SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  file. Once you click the box, a blue colour  toolbar may open up near the top of the web page. On this toolbar, you are able to modify and adjust all the width & height of the SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  file, arrange it towards the left or  right or even center ( as You Wish )and then uploading a different file. Advanced features option enable you to modify , correct and adjust  the space below  and above  the actual file and in addition provide Flash Vars & Flash Variables that sends variables to the peak level of a SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  file once it loads in the web browser. Web developers make use of an <OBJECT> tag to include a SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  file with an HTML web page.

Step-3-Modify the actual guidelines towards the correct dimension and space and after that add your SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  file within your pc. Click the "SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  File: Add new File" through the SWF( Shock wave Flash  )  toolbar. Pick the title of your file and then click "Open."

Step-4-Publish the site right after looking at that Flash file to guarantee it works correctly. As outlined by Weebly, in case the file will never play, may possibly not be fundamental sufficient to play using the Weebly services. The programmers and developers  on Weebly advise utilizing a different file if the happens. In case the file plays properly, click the orange "Publish" switch inside thetop, right side nearby in the display screen. That Flash program won't playing on your blog or site before you publish.
Mission complete ...Vist and See Result...
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