Thursday, February 9, 2012

Even if you're new to search engine optimization, Traffic Travis  Professionalputs you in the know with all the tools that professional search engine optimization companies use to make their clients' websites soar up the search engine rankings.

With Traffic Travis Professional, you can optimize your website for the search engines in an easy 5-step process:

Step 1: Identify which search terms are most popular
Traffic Travis can tell you which terms are most highly searched for and can recommend others you might try.

Step 2: Find your most successful competitors, and see what they're doing right
Learn from the success of others. Traffic Travis can scoop the dirt on sites with high search-engine rankings so you can adopt their techniques and match their success!

Step 3: Optimize your site for keyword density, frequency and position.
After analyzing your own site and those of your competitors', you'll have a very good idea of the changes you need to make. Focus your text and optimize your HTML using these clues, and you'll be well on your way!

Step 4: Build relationships with other sites - Find the best people to link to
Who is linking to who? Which link partnerships are worth pursuing? (HINT: They're probably not the ones you think!) Traffic Travis allows you to read between the lines and reap the highest rewards possible from link trading.
All the necessary information about potential link partners displayed in one window... complete with email address. All the tedium taken out of scooping out other websites!
Are you still being linked to? Forget wading through a fifty-page website to find out. You've got better things to do with your time! Traffic Travis can tell you if your reciprocal linking partners have stopped linking to you, so you can remove your link to them. This can instantly increase your search engine rankings!

Step 5: Monitor your status in the search engines
Traffic Travis will keep track of how your site is doing in all major search engines.

Here are some key features of "Traffic Travis Professional":

Project Dashboard:
· Easily see a quick overview of the SEO performance of any of your websites via Traffic Travis's Dashboard. This includes your Alexa traffic rank, the number of pages that you have indexed from your site in Google, Yahoo and Bing; your top 5 pages based on search engine positions on the keywords you are monitoring, the number of backlinks to your site, the top backlinks to your site by PageRank and lots more.
· Don't just use it to gain an overview of your own websites, use this tool to gain an overview of your competitor's websites too. And in particular, to try to gain links from their best backlink sources.

MySite On-Page SEO Advisor:
· This is just like having a Search Engine Optimization expert sitting next to you to help, without having to pay them $100 an hour or more to give you advice! You'll be given a critique and rating on each of your webpages so you know what you're doing right and what you need to change in order to perfect your on-page optimization for the search engines.
· Setting up Traffic Travis to check on your website rankings is super fast because you can EASILY import pages from your website into this tool either from your sitemap, by entering in a page from your website, or by entering them in manually.

Keyword and Domain Analysis:
· Know immediately whether a keyword or niche is worth pursuing or whether to move on, by seeing the difficulty ratings of each of the keywords. Done manually, analyzing the difficulty of each keyword would normally take hours of research, yet Traffic Travis does it at the push of a button.
· Identify and analyze your top 10 competitors for any keyword phrase that you wish to rank highly on. You'll not only see a list of them, you'll see a tabled breakdown of what they're doing well and what they're not doing well, so that you know areas you can beat them on to leapfrog them in the rankings!

Search Analysis Tools:
· Automatically monitor your search engine rankings on as many keywords as you wish. Run reports and visual graphs to see your movements over time.
· Filter your competitors' backlinks by PageRank, anchor text and more, so that you can try to gain links from the same powerful sources AND you'll have a good idea of what you need to do from a backlinking perspective in order to secure the #1 ranking position in Google.

Pay Per Click Spy Tools:
· Spy on the keywords that your competitors are paying to advertise on. (Hint: If they are paying money to advertise on a bunch of keywords for an extended period of time, you can be sure there is money in those keywords). This will save you from having to experiment with your own money for PPC on thousands of keyword variations.
· Uncover great potential advertising opportunities in the Google Content network. Using this amazingly powerful tool, you'll uncover laser-targeted specific placement target opportunities to advertise on in the content network. You no longer have to worry about letting Google place your advertisement on any page that it 'thinks' is relevant to the keywords related to your offer as you'll be choosing the exact high profit placement spots instead.


· Pentium 400 MHz
· 64 MB RAM
· 30 MB free disk space
· Internet Connection


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