Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trying to learn using to build on-line web store is comparatively simple, after you have the ways in spot to show you exactly how. offers assisted people that have limited HTML and CSS  skills and knowledge  create and build look like professional  site or blog for quite a while, along with their own brand new e-commerce collaboration along with like well-known sales customers, for example Google Check out and also PayPal, now it is far more easy than ever before to include an on-line shop or store  in your  web arsenal.

Lets See How .... ?
Just Follow Me.......

Step -1-If you don't curently have account. Make a free of charge  account by going to .
Step -2-Click the "revenue" tab  within the " Editor tool bar ".

Step -3-Pick from the 4 product components shown: Product Block, Product Small, Product Regular and Product Large. Mix all of them about generatea much more varied, unique take a look at your own store.

Step -4-Drag the chosen components on your web page. Type in your Paypal account email and othere details and / or Google checkout details that will link it in your  blog or site.

Step -5-phase -by-phase guidelines can look that will help you do that.

Step -6-Add an image by simply clicking on the blue button "upload the new picture" link at the top left in the web page.

Step -7-write at a product or service name or tittle and an one important thing description while using product tool bar located on the the top of web page. Type in a cost or price, modify and edit  any extra details and information ,

Ok....Mission complete ..........Click  " Save  "  and vist & see result
Good Luck.


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