Monday, May 14, 2012 is almost all internet user s favorite place . Bored with having exactly the same dull and boaring Facebook log in page all the time you actually sign in?Effectively after that it’s enough time to Rekindle your own with your personal customized and favorite sign in page design...This method only for google Chrome not working on other browsers like Mozila Forfox.

Let s See How To..??
Just Follow Me......
Open up your Google Chrome & click on " Settings " tab (Top Rigth )

Click on " Tools " 

Then click on " Extentions "

Now . Click on " Browse the Gallery "

Next step is search "  FB Refresh " search Box & hit enter key

Now simply click on " Add To Chrome "


Restart Google Chrome and open Facebook & see the result
You can easily Change Background image...
First upload your favorite image on any free image hosting for example Flicker & copy Image Url
and Click on " Setting " icone

Past your image url & select " Horizontally " or " Vertically " and " Save "

Mission complete...

See Video Tutorial

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  1. This is great! You can choose your own login page the way you want it. Thanks for sharing this information to us, I must try it!

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