Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What is a Facebook Username?
Before we discuss why and how to create a Facebook username, let's just describe what it is. A Facebook username is a meaningful URL or link that looks "pretty" and is unique to your FB profile. Without it, you end up with a meaningless and impossible-to-remember URL or link to your Facebook profile.

You can use numbers, letters, and a. (period or dot) and the username will be case sensitive.
Why Should I create a Facebook Username?
There are a couple of reasons why you should bother to create a Facebook username; basically branding and user-friendliness...
  • It makes it really easy to share your Facebook profile by providing you with an easy-to-remember URL that you can email to friends, add to your email signature, or add to your business cards if you desire
  • It helps to brand you; i.e. if you choose your own name, then you are branding yourself as YOU. If you choose your business name, you brand or associate yourself with your business. If you choose keywords, then you associate yourself with those keywords.
How Do I Create a Facebook Username?
The entire reason why I even bothered to write this post is because I thought Facebook automatically created a username for you when you signed up. I went looking for my username and couldn't find it anywhere. I used their Help pages and couldn't find any answers there, either, on HOW to create a username; only what a username was and why you would want one. I finally figured it out on my own. I just want to save you some time!!!
Probably all you Facebookies already know this but this is how to create a Facebook username...
Login to your Facebook profile
Click the "Account" tab in the upper right corner

Click on "Your username" under "Username"

Select one of the suggested usernames or create your own username
When satisfied with your username, be sure to save it
Your Facebook username URL will look like this >>>
You can only change your username once, so choose carefully!!!
P.S. There is a chance that the instructions will be outdated when your read this as Facebook does change its user interface from time to time.

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