Saturday, April 14, 2012

Are you searching for an instant and easy solution to un-install Google Chrome? Google Chrome is a internet browser, very similar to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Web browser just has been around only a few years, so it's still considered to be a new program.

How To Uninstall Google Chrome ?

Google Chrome is known for being problematic to uninstall. The application doesn't just install the web browser onto your system but floods your hard drive with other "add-ons" that take up a lot of area and can be very irritating.

To uninstall the Google Chroom you must:

Step 1 - Click the start menu and select the Control Panel option.

Step 2 - Double click on " Folder Options "

Step 3 -Click the " View tab "

Step 4 -In case the portion which says  " Hide Extensions " is checked then Un-Check  it. & Apply
Step 5-Ok...Now Copy This Code & Past in Notepad and Save as " remove.reg "

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; WARNING, this file will remove Google Chrome registry entries  
; from your Windows Registry. Consider backing up your registry before
; using this file:

; To run this file, save it as 'remove.reg' on your desktop and double-click it.







Step 6 -  Now Open " remove.reg " Click yes when the popup appears, then press OK.
Step 7 - Ok Now Click Start , Click Run
C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google

 For Windows Vista: %LOCALAPPDATA%Google

Step 8-Delete the Chrome folder.
Mission Complete....

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  1. Its very easy to uninstall google chrome from windows OS. Download uninstaller, and run. Select google chrome. Click uninstall button. That solve. Even its remove registry files created by google chrome.