Thursday, April 26, 2012

The  short for favorite icon(favicon ) which normally shows up inside the uppr left side within your web browser's address bar, is actually a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square picture(icon), also called a web site or blog icon, shortcut icon, Domain name icon, or book mark symbol.
Any favicon is actually a picture which distinguishes a website , blog ,company from others. Exactly what is the very first thing that arrives to your brain whenever so you see picture of the latter A with red, green, blue and yellow shades and colours ?... Googleobviously! You see exactly how simple it's to promote and embed your brand name in visitors' mind. This is the strength and power  of favicon. To put it simply, a favicon to your blog or site, is yet another approach to create "you brand"(your site or blog), very easily famous and recognizable .

 Ok.....Any How Today My Topic is " How To Make Your Own Favicon Generator WebSite ? " .......
Yes Your Own ......and Also Totaly Free .....

Lets See How ?

First of All Arange Domain and Hosting ........ I Am Trying on Free Hosting(000Webhost.Com) and Domain(Dot.Tk) .
Ok.....First Download  Filezilla and Install ..
Than Download  Free  Favicon Php Script..
Extract Favicon Php Script and Upload all files from website folder to your host account.
Now Create " MySQL Databases "
Go To " File Manager "
Open and Edit "  config.php "

Enter Your Site Database Information.

Chmod tmp tmp/ico iconz 777

All temporary files are within the /tmp/ico/ folder and the /iconz/ folder. If you are worried that you may have 1000's of temp files (they are deleted after two days automatically) you can setup a cron to delete all contents of this folder on an daily or hourly basis. just setup a cron from your cpanel and use the command below. Make sure you change the path to your own server path and username!

rm -rf /home/!username!/public_html/!folder!/iconz/*
rm -rf /home/!username!/public_html/!folder!/tmp/ico/*

Enjoy this free script.
You can change or edit the pages in any way you wish but we ASK that you leave a small link back to

OPTIONAL: Open index.php and search for "pub-".
Change this code to your own google adwords code for displaying google adverts.
!Advice! If you dont have an account at google adwords, do not remove this code.
The quickest way to get your page indexed in to the google search engine is to have a google advert running on your pages. Each time your page is loaded the adword code pings google to retrieve the adword data sending your site and page url to google instantly adding your pages to the google search engine.

IMPORTANT! Your host must have GD Library installed or creating favicon images won't work



See Video Tutorial


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