Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My all Time Favorite Google chrome is extremely superior stable and secure internet browser available in online world. This unique internet browser is made to make your web browsing and surfing experience the perfect. However, people report that will Google Chrome crashes and  failures. Usually it happens because of problems using Flash Player; therefore, you're not able to browse correctly.

Some Big  Reasons:

A few Chrome data files are damaged or corrupte .
Unbalanced Your Windows settings.
Registry Settings is corrupted or damaged.

Restart your computer:

The very first thing to solve Google Chrome crash is to restart your pc. By restarting your pc, operating system would refresh its configurations. This particular method your internet browser will function correctly.

Un-install and Re-install Google Chrome:

If Google Chrome crashes still happen after restarting your pc after that you need to remove your Google Chrome . Right after un-install Google Chrome, download it yet again and save it on your hard drive , Re-install.

Un-install Add-ons and Plug-ins:

Making use of add-ons and plug-ins it is possible to modify your browsing. However, a lot of extensions and Plug-ins can easily crash your internet browser. In order to un-install these extensions, below are a few helpfull ways:

1. Start your Google Chrome.
2. Write "chrome://extensions" without quotes within the  Chrome address bar.
3. Select Un-install or Disable button.
4. Reboot your Google Chrome.
5. You will be succesfully done.Mission Complete....

Check out whether you'll need a new user profile in Chrome:

If Google Chrome crash is because of the message that your browser profile might be damaged or corrupted  after that very first thing you need to perform would be to transfer the go into default sub folder from theUser Data Folder in C Drive. Here's how it can be done.

1. Simply click Start button.
2. Select Run Command.
3. Type
For Windows Xp
C:\Documents and Settings\SALEH KAKAR\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data
For Windows 7
"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\" without quotes.
4. Simply click OK option.
5. Right now rename "Default" folder to "Default 2"
6. And move "backup" folder from "User Data" folder up to "Chrome" folder.
7. Reboot your Google Chrome.

Fix Registry Problems:

Yet another method is to correct internal Windows settings via repairing its registry. Registry is actually database wherever operating system stores details and information  relating to web browser configurations. If entries relating browser settings are corrupted or damaged download a registry cleaner Software should be your first choice.


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