Saturday, April 7, 2012

In this modern world of Internet, almost all of us know about Google AdSense. Thousands of sites are now monetized with Google AdSense. When we visit a blog or website we often see AdSense banners full of text links & image ads. But to make the concept clear about this Advertising Programme, I suggest you to read the next points. 

What is Google AdSense
Suppose you have started a brand new website/blog. Reading famous blogging tutorials you understood that you can gain nothing without the proper, unique, useful & massive content. So, accordingly, you have started posting anything you know for 6 months. But when 6 months is finished, you'll surely want some good reward for this hard job, won't you? This time you'll face the real problem. No one will be there to advertise your site because your site is new, possess less Page Rank, Traffic and also for many other reasons. This time AdSense will be your true friend. Once you get approved after applying, you can easily show up to 3 AdSense units full of text ads & image ads (you can customize). And you'll start earning each time the ads are clicked by your visitors.
Problem arises for getting AdSense Approval
Nowadays, its a very hard job to get your AdSense approved (specially for Indians). Various new Terms of Service (TOS) has been added. Its a very common phenomenon that the new bloggers & web designers are rejected from AdSense and they get disheartened. But if they follow some simple but effective steps, then AdSense Approval is totally guaranteed. And I'm going to reveal the secrets in this article.
Steps to get AdSense Approval
You keep your existing blog aside. First you get approval in a new blog then you can make a channel and put ads in the existing one. First do what I tell you to do.
Step#1: Start your free blog at
Go to and log in with your Gmail Account. (If you do not possess a Gmail Account, then you should click the Sign up button). After signing in you give a new heading for your new blog. The heading should be absolutely relevant to your content. I suggest you start your this new blog with a very simple topic like hobbies, Forex,Cars  etc. And also do not forget to choose a domain very wisely. It should be short & easy to remember & should also be relevant to the content.
Step#2: Start posting
Its the time to start posting. Its better to have 15 Posts in your blog first. Start writing something your own. Your personal experience. Something funny. Something real & true. You won't need thousands of visitors to get AdSense Approval. Try your Facebook Friends to pay a visit to your site. Keep posting once a week if you want your new blog to generate AdSense Approval only, but if you want real cash also from here, then you may give attention and start posting daily for months. If you write 1 post in 1 day, then in a month you'll own 30 unique posts. So in 2 months (30 X 2) = 60 posts!
Start#3: Apply now
I know that there is a new TOS (Term of Service) added AdSense that no domains below 6 months will be approved by AdSense. But if your content is useful, if a decent amount people visit your blog then AdSense approves, it is proved in the blog of experts. But its better to wait two months. But, in the records its found that people got Approval in 2 days only.

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