Sunday, March 11, 2012

Use one software to promote on almost every big website out there
Universal Bot is a professional marketing solution designed to enable you to promote on famous websites.

Universal Bot Plugins: are fully functional softwares that are built to be loaded up in the universalbot main frame. So a plugin could be described as a clothing and universalbot will be your closet filled with all these clothing.WHat ever you feel like wearing you just go to the closet and pull it out.

So we have plugins like SEO tools, myspace or facebook softwares, bookmarking bot ect. All this plugins can be loaded from universalbot to be used.So if today you feel like working on bookmarking some of your sites, you just load the bookmarking plugin  and start using it. And later during the day if you feel like posting some comments on some wordpress blogs, you just load up that plugin and start using it.

So these plugins are basically softwares but you will not have to install them individually since once you install a universalbot, you can always load any of our plugins into it.


· Internet Connection


· In the demo version, you won't be able to use the plugins

                                         Price 22 $


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