Friday, March 23, 2012

This is a JavaScript library that uses built-in browser capabilities to provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution

mxGraph provides great in startup time, interactivity and functionality.

Here are some key features of "mxGraph":

· Centralized updating managed at the server
· No client plug-ins or installation required
· Deployment using Java, .NET, PHP, static HTML and more
· Easy configuration of the application using XML
· User interface is HTML and the data is exchanged in XML
· Java, .NET or PHP backend for concurrent diagram editing

What's New in This Release:

  • · Adds mxCellEditor.focusLost hook for handling lost focus while in-place editing
  • · Fixes order of reconfigure and redraw for shapes in mxCellRenderer.redraw
  • · Fixes CSS rules for td.mxWindowPane select, textarea and radio in common.css
  • · Fixes inverse coordinates for moveCircle switch in mxCircleLayout
  • · Adds limited support for HTML format in mxGraphicsCanvas2D, wrapping in mxGdiCanvas2D
  • · Uses foreignObject in mxSvgCanvas2D for rendering HTML markup
  • · Adds wrap, format arguments in mxICanvas2D.text, image-, xmland svg export
  • · Adds old actor shape, other HTML shapes in grapheditor sidebar
  • · Adds mxGraphHandler.getMovePreview
  • · Fixes missing HTML boundingBox with foreignObjects and overflow=fill
  • · Adds mxText.prototype.forceIgnoreStringSize for performance tuning in IE
  • · Removes EditorUi.checkBackend in grapheditor, moves check to index.html
  • · Caches visible terminal in mxCellState, adds set/getVisibleTerminal(State)
  • · Changes type of terminal argument in mxEdgeHandler.updatePreviewState
  • · Fixes mxEdgeSegmentHandler.refresh to only update the bends
  • · Sets crisp rendering attribute to false in mxImageShape
  • · Fixes cropped HTML connector image in mxConnectionHandler
  • · Uses custom graph for tooltips and thumbnails in grapheditor sidebar
  • · Removes uml parameter in grapheditor example, adds shapes with HTML labels
  • · Fixes scaled HTML label bounds for overflow=fill in IE9 standards
  • · Adds mxKeyHandler.bindShiftKey, bindControlShiftKey
  • · Adds new mxText.prototype.redrawSvgTextNodes hook
  • · Fixes event handling in for unchanged scales
  • · Fixes mxEdgeHandler.isHandleVisible for indices != 1
  • · Adds checkFoldable argument in mxGraph.foldCells/cellsFolded
  • · Deprecates old grapheditor example in examples/editors
  • · Fixes possible NPE in mxObjectCodec.set/getFieldValue
  • · Fixes normal flow no longer uses exceptions in mxObjectCodec
  • · Adds mxObjectCodec.get/setFieldValueWithAccessor methods
  • · Fixes possible NPE in mxVertexHandler when entering groups
  • · Fixes offset for invisible page shadow in mxGraphComponent.zoom
  • · Fixes rotation of bounds, image export of rotated mxTriangle
  • · Fixes possible array index exception in mxGraph.cellsAdded



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