Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A favicon is that stylish little icon that is displayed in your browser next to the website address.
If you're wondering where the name came from then its short for "Favourites Icon".

Its called that because if your visitors add your site to their favourites then it will also shows up on their list making your site stand out that little bit more.
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Why would I want one then ?

Most professional websites usually have them so having one will not only put your site alongside the pros but also help distinguish you from the rest.

Offering your visitors a way of creating their very own favicons will not only build a good relationship between you and your visitors, it will also ensure repeat visitors in the future.

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Which browsers are favicons compatible with ?

Most versions of the major browsers support favicons. Some examples include Internet Explorer 5/6/7+, Firefox 1/2+, Mozilla 1/2+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Avant 1.1, Konqueror 3+, Safari and many more.

This script is very easy to install. You need a single Mysql database, php and GD Library. (Almost all servers)


Favicon allows your site visitors to generate their own favicon instantly. Its a great way to create return visitors to your site.

1. Create mysql database then use phpadmin to enter the single table from mysql.sql into your database.
2. Open config.php and enter your site database information.
3. Open common.php and enter your site information
4. Upload all files from website folder to your host account.
5. Chmod tmp tmp/ico iconz 777
6. All temporary files are within the /tmp/ico/ folder and the /iconz/ folder. If you are worried that you may have 1000's of temp files (they are deleted after two days automatically) you can setup a cron to delete all contents of this folder on an daily or hourly basis. just setup a cron from your cpanel and use the command below. Make sure you change the path to your own server path and username!

rm -rf /home/!username!/public_html/!folder!/iconz/*
rm -rf /home/!username!/public_html/!folder!/tmp/ico/*

Enjoy this free script.
You can change or edit the pages in any way you wish but we ASK that you leave a small link back to

OPTIONAL: Open index.php and search for "pub-".
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!Advice! If you dont have an account at google adwords, do not remove this code.
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***IMPORTANT! Your host must have GD Library installed or creating favicon images won't work.***




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