Saturday, February 25, 2012

Automated keyword ranking, backlink, indexed pages and more checks. Save time.

Serp & SEO Monitor will automate the keyword ranking check for the webpage(s) you specify. The software is checking automatically and in the background the posiotions of your keywords in several search engines. As well the backlink count, indexed pages, DMOZ entries and more SEO relevant aspects.

All you need to do is providing your URL and keyword(s) and after software collected all datas to analyse them and making your conclusions or creating reports.

After the analysis has been compiled view and break down the data. You can use the data as desired. For example, take decisive action on SEO and plan your business strategy including compiling and printed reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). See which keywords need further optimization.

Here are some key features of "Serp & SEO Monitor":

· Monitoring of keyword positions in different search engines.
· Monitoring of indexed pages and backlink quantity in different search engines.
· Check if the webpage is in the DMOZ directory.
· Recording of all data for statistic analyses.
· List- and graphic view of the statistics.
· Statistics and reports can be printet.
· The most important search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing) can be checked. As well in different countries and languages.
· Support of proxy connection.
· Multilanguage (currently in English and German)
· Wizard to add quick and easy new webpages and keywords.


· An active Internet connection


· You can manage a single webpage with 25 keywords.
· Reports not available.
· Data will be stored for 7 days only
· Nag screen.
· HTML Validation Check
· Optimized Keyword Position Check

                                              Price.USD 49.90
                                              Download Demo


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