Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SEO Note lets you also edit your information, save files and extract them.
The main idea of our program is that you can have great number of separate documents in any above-listed formats within one file.

It means, you don`t have to open several files to operate them simulnaneously, you can easily create one file which contains several articles within it via adding them to tree-like structure, that allows you to store a great number of documents within one file and have plenty of taken up articles within one article.
How does SEO Note look like? This is a tree-like editor. Tree structure is situated in a separate window, which contains all your articles in the form of tree links.
When you choose some link in the tree structure the article appears for review or editing in the editor window. There is also a bookmark panel with the help of which you can create as many trees as you want. It will let you store more information in more convenient form for editing and review.

Key Features of "SEO Note"

· personal information management
· personal diary
· electronic notebook for notes and ideas
· writing and structuring short articles or huge documents
· plans, projects, schemes
· project documentation
· reports
· papers and presentations
· lectures and announcements
· recipes
· address book and personal contacts (phone numbers, addresses, resume)
· any kind of lists; if you collect books, CDs, DVDs, quotation or jokes, then SEONote will let you store them in one place and provide you quick and convinient access to them
· email archieves (you can import them into SEONote file)
· templates for creating documents of standart formats
· for programmers who can store archieves of codes or templates of their work


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