Friday, February 24, 2012

By Nayab Sh
Whether you want to get money from a client or you are in dire need of money and want to request some amount from your friends or family, in both cases AlertPay offers you simple and convenient method to send money request to get it instantly.
You just have to follow simple steps given here:

1 - Log in to your AlertPay account.
2 - Click the "Request Money" tab.
3 - Enter the email address of the person you are requesting money and then enter the amount requested.

After you send invoice to anyone, AlertPay sends an email notification to that person instantly to inform him about the money request. You can send invoices to anyone whether he is an AlertPay member or not yet. Process will be same in both cases, but a non member must open an AlertPay account and upload funds to it to fulfill your money request. Therefore if you are sending invoice to a non member then email notification must have an invitation to open account in AlertPay.

Things to Ponder Over while Sending Invoice through AlertPay Account

Remember the person you are sending money invoice must have to accept the request to send you money in response. If he does not accept the money request you will not get the money requested. So if you are not getting money after sending invoice then contact that person for further process because there is no delay from AlertPay side. Any possible delay will be related to your recipient's late acceptance or you might enter a wrong email address while requesting the money.

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