Sunday, February 19, 2012

Writer has created yet another development. I'm not sure exactly when it occurred, but I just discovered it these days. It's simpler than ever to modify the favicon, the little symbol that seems to the eventually left of the url in most surfers.
The standard establishing is the fruit blogger symbol (like the one for this blog).

 How to change favicon in blogger blog ???
Very Simple and Easy!!!
Sign in Blogger Account
Click on "Design " Tab

Click on " Edit " on Favicon Tab
Browse and Select Your Favorite icon
Click on " Save "
Thats All!!!
See video Tutorial


  1. I tried this, but the blogspot icon is still showing! I emptied Safari's cashe already but my favicon is still not showing. Help??

  2. @Andrea
    Go to Google & Search
    Favicon Genretor
    Genrete Your Pis & Then Try