Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In this Post, we will discuss on how to submit Weebly.com sitemap to Google Webmaster Central. The map display of your blog for Google Webmasters is an important factor in SEO. That will let you know when Google is updating his blog,
the number of URL there and many other important things that happen in your blog. While the Google webmasters will tell you that your blog is the realization of Google, which links to your blog and many things you need to know.

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First Go To
Google Webmaster Tools
Sign in / Sign up

Click on " Add a Site "

Now Write Your Weebly Blog/Site  URL

Need Confirmation Process
Verify Owner Ship
Select " Add a Meta Tag To Your Site s Home Page "

Sign in Your Weebly Account 
Click on " Edit "

Click on " Settings "
Click on " Search Engine Optimization (SEO) "
Past Meta Tag Code in " Header " Section
Save and Publish
Go To " Webmaster Tool " Click " Verify " Butten
Recieve This Message
Now Click on " Site Configration "
Select " Sitemap " 

Appear This Box
Your sitemap will be:
Save it and after some time checking if the map is either added or not.

See Video Tutorial


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