Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There are many ways to automatically update your Twitter feed when you create a new post on your blog. There are two that we'll look at that will work with any content management system that outputs an RSS feed: Twitterfeed, and Feedburner.

For doing this we need a free server that may handly all the fuss. It will also give your detail analysis of the impressions made on your feed links shared on twitter. TwitterFeed is the only client which is now serving more than Four million RSS feeds

Go To  Twitterfeed  and Creat an Account

Follow Easy instructions

They will ask you to post your tweets login. Your tweets login is actually your tweets account Username. In My situation my tweets URL is tweets.com/atif980.Atif980 is My Twitter Username.

They will also ask you to submit your blog RSS link

For Example


 Click on " Authrize App "

Now Thats All  Done

How To Connect Twitter To Facebook
Log in your Twitter account
Click on " Settings "

Now Click on " Profile " Tab

On that page just under bio you will see the option to connect Twitter to Facebook.

Select Your Fan Page and Allow 

Now Click on " Save "

See This Video Tutorial