Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would not it be nice to know how many people visited your blog every day? What's to know which of your posts
are most popular? Surprisingly good Blogger does not offer any native blog analysis, but fortunately it is not Google Analytics - available for free.
Google Analytics is a great tool that will show you all kinds of useful information about how people found your blog, the keywords they searched to find where they came from, and even how long they stayed. You will learn more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your blog. This is a tool if you are trying to build a profitable blog otherwise, are flying blind!
This article will show how to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog. 

First Go To
Creat New Account

Click On 
Sign Up

Now write
Your Blogger Blog URL
Account Name
Set Time Zone Country or Territory
Set Time Zone

Write Your Name
Set Zone Country or Territory

Check on 
Yes , i agree to the above terms and conditions

Click on 
Creat New Account
Now the following screen is very important. This is the code you need to copy and paste into your Blogger template. Go ahead and click in the box and will automatically highlight any block of code for you. Now you need to copy the code and paste it into notepad or a Word document. Save it as you will need to use later.

Sign in Your Blogger Account 
Click on "Design" Tab

Click on "Edit Html" Tab

Press Ctrl + F and Find This Tag

Make New Div Tag and Closs Div Tag
Past "Google Analytics" Java Script Code

Ok , Now Click "Save Template"

Now Go To "Google Analytics" and Click "Contnue"

Now it usually takes an hour or so before you will see all the data (maybe more if you do not get much traffic to your blog) so please be patient. Trust me, you will be recording at least once a day just to see how much traffic your blog is receiving. It is very addictive and powerful information to learn. You will be surprised that the messages are the most popular and what people from countries in reading your blog.
Google Analytics is very powerful and have learned to install on your Blogger template. We have not even scratched the surface of the features and reporting can be done. For most bloggers, that is sufficient. The data will be collected and will only be reviewed. Other objectives in more detail (such as selling products or services, creating a sales channel, etc) will want to spend more time learning GA. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and not blame me for your new addiction found!

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